A Visionary Subordinate

There is a blessing if you have right man who to be your subordinate. Not only help you to make “Jobs To Be Done”, but also helps you growing together. But what if one or more of them think and act beyond those qualifications? He has a very good vision. He predicts the future correctly. Just like a psychic who knows what will happen, based-on facts that did not recognize by almost of us. His “Mind Map” builds connecting dots. The Law of Action-Reaction was embedded at his predictions. He is a man who always says: “Guys, this way!”. All of those points might make others look “fool”, especially you. So how to treat them? And how do you react properly?

First of all, make sure you and he are at the same page

As leader, you do not need to feel bad if your subordinates more “clever” rather than you for some areas, especially for hard skill areas. You need to manages them, even though, it will be better if you can coach them. Even if you have different idea with your subordinate, as long as his idea was right and better than yours, no reason for you to deny it.

Don’t stop him

It is not easy for someone who knew a lucrative opportunity in front of his eyes, and on the contrary, there is a potential huge loss, to neglect. This man can be alert button for potential losses, at the same time, to be trigger for potential opportunities. This is good for any kind of business. In uncertain conditions like nowadays, we need “responsive sensors” to make us “relatively stable”, keep agile while continuing grow.

Not only encouraged him, but facilitating him

You need to support him with conducive ecosystem. Build a team for him. Help his team to avoid distractions. Don’t let him just play safe because afraid to take a risk. The circumstance make him hesitate to execute his brilliant ideas. Whereas, the success of his idea implementation is company’s success. It will also encourage others willing to take new initiatives.

Challenge him

Do not limit his horizon, challenge him to do more. A visionary needs new challenges by nature. Do not let him stuck on one particular condition. Just like diamond left lying on the roadside. Give him the next level of responsibility, promote him.

Don’t forget to evaluate his steps

Nobody is perfect, even a visionary. Beside that, the company has alignment. You, as his leader/senior, need to keep track of his steps. Make sure everything is on track.

Thus, we can optimize a visionary’s potential to the optimum level and synchronized with the goals of the company.



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